About Daveland

Daveland farm is an automated environmentally friendly dairy and cash crop operation consisting of about 140 head of cattle.


We milk 65 cows, which have been identified at birth for identification. They wear a transponder around their neck as well. When the cows walk into the double six computer operated milking parlor, a scanner reads the transponder chip and identifies the cow. If there is a particular condition that should be noted by the herdsman, the display above the milker will indicate it. After the cow’s utters are disinfected and the milker is put on, the system will weigh and record how much milk each cow has given. If the cow does not give a certain percentage of her average milk (which has been previously determined by the computer), a light above the milker will flash.The milking system also determines when the cow is done milking and the milker is automatically detached.

Furthermore, the milk weight and the total amount of milk given for each cow are recorded. The Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) tests for fat and protein content and this data is also systematically stored on our computer. Also recorded are birthdates, dam and sire, ID # with Holstein Canada, information on previous lactations, any health problems and breeding dates. This information on individual cows also assists in determining the appropriate bull for artificial insemination (A.I).


The water used to cool the milk is stored in a tank, which is utilized after each milking to wash the milking systems. Once used, the water is then drained into a third tank for washing floors. and finally, to make liquid manure. Water runoff is collected for liquid manure as well.

Water Conservations

Paper and cardboard shredded in our bale chopper has proven to be efficient bedding for our cows. It is also added to liquid manure and spread on the land to ease the burden on our landfills.

Aware of our environmental efforts, paper and cardboard are delivered by neighboring communities as well as Burford and Brantford businesses who request a pick-up.

With proper use of liquid manure, these methods allow us to keep commercial fertilizers to minimum.